Fall 2014

In mid-September, I moved. I moved all of my belongings into a new apartment, into a better neighborhood, and then the next day, flew to Las Vegas.

I was selected as a model for the Dynamic Nude Photography Workshop and Retreat at Lake Powell, UT. I planned out the next two months meticulously- first, I would fly alone into Vegas, stay over at the gaudiest hotel I could find for cheap (thanks, Circus Circus!), drive with a workshop attendee to the Lake. We were to spend 2 weeks on a houseboat, shooting daily, reviewing photographs and enjoying a bit of disconnect.

The workshop was a great success and a highlight of my year. After two weeks of adventure, some scrapes and bruises and a lot of sun, I was ready for the next location. I carpooled to the airport at SLC and then flew to Dallas, where I had a 17 hour flight delay and layover. More than a bit sleep deprived, I arrived at my next destination- New Orleans, LA. My new roommate invited me to tag along on his work trip and we enjoyed a week of sleeping late, riding bikes, day drinking and wandering. It was the first full week off for me in months. After a late night on Bourbon Street (full disclosure- I didn't make it to bed), I left for the airport again. I arrived in Nashville, TN a little after 12 pm, after another stop over in Dallas. The next two weeks were spent catching up on work (I booked 7 shoots in 7 days), visiting with friends (hi Penny!) and vintage shopping- Nashville has some of the best shops. I spent Halloween having my portrait taken by two wet plate/tin type photographers at a 50's cocktail party hosted by a dear friend.

After almost two full months of traveling, I touched down in New York City, ready for new adventures and a good night's rest in my own bed.